Program Description: 

Brazilian Futebol Camp Experience is a training program focused on one of the most exciting and important aspects of the game of soccer SCORING GOALS! Training focuses on the key skills required to be a top goal scorer and will help players improve their finishing ability in a variety of situations. This program is not just for strikers but for all players who want to improve their goal-scoring ability. If you are serious about improving your goal-scoring ability and want to hit the back of the net more this season, then register today for the ultimate training program for all top strikers!

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Training Topics Covered: 
  • Correct technique for striking the ball.
  • Brazilian Moves & Ball Tricks
  • 1v1’s, 2v2’s, and 3v3 final third.
  • Breakaways.
  • Defending
  • Shooting from distance.
  • Free Kicks – Penalties
  • Headers and Volleys.
  • Fast footwork skills.
  • Finishing under pressure.
  • Goalkeeper Training Available

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