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You are invited to be part of the FUTSOCCER outstanding International Summer Programs. Every season it is traditional for our company to provide this unique opportunity to accomplish our athletes’ development. 
“We believe that being part of an international soccer event while you are young will bring benefits and memories for a lifetime regarding education, social-cultural experience, and increase sport development in all aspects, that would impact our athletes’ performance success returning to the USA.




June 30th – July 6th | 2024 | Benidorm, Spain  

July 7th to 12th | 2024 | Paris, France

We are planning to form Boys & Girls teams ages ranging from 2006’s to 2012’s. For each team registered, we must have (a minimum of 12 and a Max of 16 players). Each team will under the head coach & the program director supervision the entire trip 24/7. The families are welcome to attend the Events. Learn more about it and join us!


If necessary, to complete the groups, we could invite athletes from our contacts in Brazil and USA clubs to participate in the international program as guest players according to the positions we may be looking for in the teams. It will significantly benefit our players to socialize and be more integrated with the young players during the trip and enrich our team’s quality for the competition.

program itinerary
Costa Blanca Cup
June 30th to July 6th

COSTA BLANCA CUP. The countries represented so far are Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, England, France, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Norway, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and, of course, Spain. It is one of the most traditional soccer events in Europe, celebrating international exchange among the clubs, with more than 4,000 players spending a fantastic time in town. They all come to Benidorm to enjoy a week of Futebol and holidays. A week of spectacular ceremonies, top-quality fields, passionate games, excellent accommodation, incredible beaches, and theme parks all coming together to make COSTA BLANCA CUP an unforgettable experience in the summertime.

Playing Matches, Futsal, Beach soccer, Water Park, etc.

Preparation for this program starts in January 2024

Accommodations – Hotel in Spain

The organization has reserved accommodations for our families while in Benidorm city and Barcelona. However, we must make a security deposit by November 20th. Parents and players can stay in the same hotel facility. According to the program, we would like to have players stay together in three (3) occupants per room and adults in double (2) or (3) occupancy rooms. Hotels are under four*+ Rated. The facilities will include swimming pools, bars, restaurants, entertainment programs, and internet services. More details will be provided for the registered player’s group on this program – meals and transportation during the Event.

What is Included in the Program Cost?

Ground Expenses All Included:

  • All Transfers – Airports / Hotels / Games / Events
  • Accommodation at Hotel in Benidorm (4 + Stars)
  • Accommodations at Hotel in paris(3 + Starts) 
  • Head Coach with the group + Program Director supervisor 24/7
  • 3 Meals per day included
  • Tournament entry fees, Event’s healthy insurance 
  • Tournament Official Photography
  • In Spain: Guaranteed a minimum of 4-5 games + Futsal + Beach Soccer
  • In Paris: Guaranteed a minimum of 8 games on both events
  • Training Team Preparation

Ground Expenses that is Not Included:

  • Meals during travel time at Airports in the streets
  • Meals in Madrid 
  • Travel Insurance covers medical insurance, canceled flights, lost luggage
  • Expenses to get the Passport – Laundering clothing during the trip
  • If the players bring cell phones or games or any other personal items, it won’t be under the program’s responsibility for any damage or loss of it.
The International Program costs are estimated for teams formed with a minimum of 12 players Roster.


2010 – Brazilian Youth Cup, Sao Paulo City – Brazil

2014 – Brazilian Youth Cup, Sao Paulo City – Brazil

2016 – Costa Blanca Cup in Benidorm / Valencia – Spain 

2017 – Gothia Cup – Helsinki Cup – In Sweden and Finland   

2018 – Brazilian Youth Cup, SP Maresias Beach – Brazil

2019 – Costa Blanca Cup – Barcelona – Benidorm in Spain

2022 – Costa Blanca Cup – Benidorm in Spain

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